Fear of a Dork Planet EP 20 Bill and Ted are Undead


Okay kids, put on your yoga pants and relax, it’s time to tune in to our 20th episode in which we discuss dental procedures, socks and that one time that Erik hid under his bed for two days. Oh, and we might have mentioned something about porn stars, killer kids and fantasy cosplay as well. Also, Annie almost chokes to death. Again. Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K, you medieval dickweeds!

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Ep 87 The Unofficial Green Room Soundtrack


This mini-episode is a super-crossover with Erik’s other podcast Fear of a Dork Planet ( available on iTunes) and Astro Radio Z. Hold your stereos close as Erik brings you lucky punks an unofficial soundtrack to Jeremy Saulnier’s The Green Room. This here is mix of songs that ran through Erik’s skull as the movie went on and quite possibly why he has no job in Hollywood providing music for soundtracks.

Rage Well and go see The Green Room

Nazi Punks F*&! Off – Dead Kennedy’s
Look Back and Laugh – Minor Threat
My War – Black Flag
One Day – The Pinkerton Thugs
We are the Boys – Blitz
Self Destruct- The Trouble
I Don’t Wanna Die – 4 Skins
Gimmie Some Action – Fear
Song No 35 – Subhumans
This is Angry Part 2 – 7 Seconds
Execution Style – Cops & Robbers
Jesus was a Communist – Reagan Youth
The Whine of Youth – Channel 3
Watch Your Back – Cock Sparrer
Chip on My Shoulder – Slapshot
Still F*&!ed Up – Blood for Blood
Little Bit of Hatred – Plow United
F*$! Authority – Wasted Youth
Martin Decker – Randumbs
Doc Marten Stomp – Madball
Nervous Breakdown – Keith Morris
Luck Wasn’t His Friend – Glory Stompers
John Wayne Was a Nazi – MDC
Twisted Soul – Son of Sam
The Choice is Yours – Stalag 13
Your Attitude – Squiggy
Nuke the Nazis – The Oi! Scouts
Skins and Punks – The Templars
Don’t Tread on Me – The Cro-Mags
Two Days Ago I Turned Punk Rock – Third Year Freshman

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The Novel Sound Insomnia Radio 2 Loud at 2 am


I’ve been toying with the idea of just letting my iPod choose the setlist for a long while now. For a piece of tech I never really wanted (and still am not madly in love with) it does DJ pretty well. Whomever wrote the algorithm for  selecting songs seems to have a similar mix-creation mind. Rarely do I have to fast forward songs of skip tracks…of course, it could just be I love my music collection that much.

Either way, I got in late last night from Ogie’s Trailer Park and, not ready for a 2am visit to slumberland, decided this was the evening for a full force sonic assault. I’d like to think it worked.

This show is different from most in that it’s fairly popular stuff (there’s even some hip-hop) and I didn’t spend hours weighing each lyric for tone and mood. It just is what it is: an experiment.

Give it a listen. Play the home game and send me a copy of your set list.
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Jeffery Lee – The World/Inferno Friendship Society
Plan B (Adopt a Lapdancer) – King Automatic
You Make Me Sick – The Trouble
Wraparound – Cocktail Preachers
Let Me In – Flat Duo Jets
It didn’t Come Easy – Thee Headcoats
Public Service Announcement – DJ Danger Mouse
Boys on the Docks – Dropkick Murphys
Get Up Off That Thing – James Brown
Maxwell Murder – Rancid
Lockdown – Fugazi
Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine – The White Stripes
Ball and Chain – Social Distortion
Genesis 19:1-2 – The Mountain Goats
Garlic Chicken and Shots – Robert Johnson & The Punchdrunks
Sound System – Operation Ivy
Bankrobber – The Clash
Leaving Jesusland – NOFX
Come Back Lord – Reverend Beat Man & The UnBelievers
Come Back Down – small factory
Blue Jeans & White T Shirts – Gaslight Anthem

Punk For Nothing ep 3: Complete Maximum Evil


Bat Loveman’s Punk for Nothing Ep. 3
Complete Maximum Evil!

Decrying the collapse of popular culture, and saying it is being taken over by “the occult,” a Christian radio broadcaster warned that pop singer Katy Perry’s upcoming Super Bowl halftime show “will be complete maximum evil,” according to The Column.

Since the end-times are apparently here and, in honor of two things I don’t care about merging into one massive thing I don’t care about, here’s the latest Bat Loveman’s Punk For Nothing appropriately retitled.

Swingin’ Utters – Windspitting Punk
Statues – Distance Duration
The Vibrators – Judy Says (Knock You in the Head)
The Rezillos – 2000AD
Anti Flag – Spaz’s House Destruction Party
The Gits – Cut My Skin It Make Me Human
Fugazi – In Defense of Humans
Government Issue – Teenager in a Box
Redd Kross – Annette’s Got the Hits
7 Seconds – Not Just Boy’s Fun
Alison Angst – Give Us Theirs
Mustard Gas, Hard Skins – Another Terrace Anthem
Refused – Summerholiday vs. Punkroutine
Tim Timebomb – Bob
Suede Razors – Rubies and Pearls
The Oppressed – Boots for Stompin’
The Pietasters – Maggie Mae
Mr. Symarip – I’m Gonna Knock, I’m Gonna Knock
Anti Nowhere League – I Hate People
Western Addiction – Rat Patrol
Roy Loney & Senior no – Love is a Spider
Suicidal Tendencies – I Want More
Sunglasses After Dark – Sunglasses Ron
The Trouble – Youth is Wasted by the Young

Episode 37 – Todd Robinson’s The Hard Bounce


Todd Robinson
The Hard Bounce
Tyrus Books

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Back on the Map – Slapshot
Slapshot has always been true Boston hardcore in my eyes. It was what the tough kids listened to in my school. Although, Boo is beyond caring about the music blaring from The Cellar I can imagine he’s the type of bouncer that these places brought in for Slapshot: aggressive but with a sense of what’s fun and what’s violence.

Caps and Bottles – The Dropkick Murphys
The Dropkick Murphys are Boston streetcore, oi punk, or commercial sell outs depending who you speak to. I don’t really care. I’ve seen them numerous times under both singers and Caps and Bottles is  a song for all the kids who grew up in the shadow of the punks before them.

Shadows On The Street – The Trouble
The Trouble put out one album and numerous 7″s. Each defines growing up and trying to carve a place of one’s own; trying to be more than a number and accepting mortality. This track is about sticking together and being more than just an unknown.

Two Angry Kids – Street Dogs
“Hey You/Do you remember when/We were two angry kids” I’m not too sure that this song wasn’t written about Boo and Junior. At St. Gabriel’s Junior and Boo fight constantly for survival and place on the food chain. That line about sticking a finger and the chest and saying, “This is not a test” is pitch perfect for the novel.

Allston Mass  – The Allstonians
From Quincy to Allston.
Allston is a great town. Boo lives there.
I admire a town that has a police station and hospital next to several Irish pubs. It’s like the civil engineers simply prepared for the worst.

Drunks And Children – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Boo drinks. He loses his head. He’s made mistakes, had his in’s and out’, his share of bad breaks, and, like most heroes, pushes through the crap.

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Fan Service #3 – Words, Words, Words


Ambulances – Joe Fletcher & the Wrong Reasons -White Lighter
Country Feedback – R.E.M. – Part Lies Part Heart Part Truth Part Garbage
I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive – Hank Williams – 40 Greatest Hits
Here Come The People In Grey – The Kinks – Muswell Hillbillies
Dirty Life And Times   – Warren Zevon – The Wind (for Brooke H)
Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel   – Shaking The Tree ( for Colleen F)
Black Pear Tree – The Mountain Goats – Black Pear Tree EP
Innocent When You Dream (78) – Tom Waits – Franks Wild Years (for Steve S.)
Strange Fruit  – Billie Holiday
Black and Blue – Louis Armstrong – The Essential Louis Armstrong
Restless – Langhorne Slim – Langhorne Slim
Hip Kids – Becky Lee And Drunkfoot – Hello Black Halo
Powertrip – Monster Magnet – Powertrip (for Jezebella C)
God Save the Queen  – The Sex Pistols – Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols
My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down    – Ramones – Weird Tales Of The Ramones
Youth Is Wasted By The Young – The Trouble – Nobody Laughs Anymore            1
Don’t Drag Me Down – Social Distortion – White Light White Heat White Trash
Cheer Up! – the Singing Loins – The Complete and Utter
Pass The Mic – Beastie Boys – Check Your

Podcast – BiblioCool Jukebox 2

the cover to bibliocool vol two

BiblioCool 2 – a podcast with Ixnayray of Way Past Cool – launched at Garagepunk.com this past weekend. Here is the track list but the show is exclusive to GPPN.

Erik Carlson :
The Sweetest Hymns – The Juke Joint Pimps [Best Song Of 2011]
Hard Times Come & Go – Pokey LaFarge [Best Song Heard In 2011]
Mystery Train – Elvis Presley [Best Guitar Riff]
Slow Down Gandhi – Sage Francis [Best Vocal]
Fortunate Son – Creedence Clearwater Revival [Best Lyrics]
Stupid Song – The Singing Loins [Wild Card]
Self Destruct – The Trouble [Best Punk Song]
The Story – Crop Circle [Best Drinking Song]
When The Shit Hits The Fan – The Circle Jerks [Best Soundtrack Song]
Here Comes Your Man – The Pixies [Best Song For Romance)

Ixnayray :
Me & My Girl – The Pussywarmers [Best Song Of 2011]
Single Man – Dead Horse Problem [Best Song Heard In 2011]
Lydia’s Black Lung – Alice Donut [Best Guitar Riff]
Hoist That Rag – Tom Waits [Best Vocal]
The Ballad Of Robert Moore & Betty Coltrane – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds [Best Lyrics]
Everything Is Under Control – Coldcut [Feat. Jon Spencer & Mike Ladd] [Wild Card]
Soup Is Good Food – The Dead Kennedys [Best Punk Song]
Bourbon & Division – Firewater [Best Drinking Song]
The Lion & The Cucumber – Vampire Sound Inc. [Best Soundtrack Song]
Revolution Girl – Mariachi El Bronx [Best Song For Romance]