This Island Surf ep 11 – Sounds like Veronica









A sweet and loving tribute to Archie Comic’s Veronica Lodge and a recipe for a hard root beer float.

The Bali’haians – Surf-a-Tonic
The Archies – Sugar and Spice
Swami John Reis and the Blind Shake – Kooks on the Face
Surf Sluts – Like Wow Wow She’s a Mau Mau
Rev Hank meets Wadadli Riders – Teenage Walk
Huevos Rancheros – Ace O’Spades
Hawaii Samurai – Teenage Mutant Surfer Ninja
The Surf Zombies – Rockabilly Boogie Man
Burt Rocket – Crypt Surfer
Southern Culture on the Skids – Make Mayan a Hawaiian
The Ventures – Lolita Ya Ya
Annette Funicello – Swingin’ and Surfin’
Isaac Rother and the Phantoms – Gators in the Pool
Robert Johnsons & the Punchdrunks – Theme From the Persuaders
Los Tiki Phantoms – Adrodita (Muerte por Kiki)
Travelers of Tyme – Maw Keep Hide Paw
Slacktone – Gung Ho for Don Ho
Zorba & The Greeks – Shockwave
Paul Buff – Blind Man’s Buff
Shrimp Chaperone – Drunk Monkey
Surfadelica – Space Age Surfin’ Love Song
Long Boards – Big Surf

This Island Surf 10 – Nancy and the Secret Bushmiller Society


In the late 90’s, a friend of mine named Dave and I worked a great job purchasing rare book for a certified lunatic. The books were stored in an old barn in the middle of Pennsylvania – there was no heat in winter and no a/c in summer. We burned piles of boxes to stay warm and drank gallons of water to cool off. Not to mention the bugs, the mildew, and the remnants of hay-bales. We were over-worked, under paid, and I suffered one of humanity’s worst recorded cases of poison oak.

The second year on the job we rebelled. We started taking longer lunches and our coffee breaks morphed into full-blown trivia sessions. It was during one of these extended breaks that he introduced me to Five Card Nancy.

One winter day, Dave pulled-out a ziplock bag full of old Bushmiller panels clipped from various re-printings and newspapers: Each panel was meticulously glued to an index card and cut to the same uniformed size. It was my first experience with Nancy and the wildly mundane world of Bushmiller.

It may have been the hypothermia inducing cold, but my life was never the same. From a beat-up stereo, we’d blast Frank Zappa and Tom Waits cassettes while smoking wildly and laying down panels amidst stacks of highly flammable collections of card board and paper. Five Card Nancy helped me get through that winter and may have saved my life.

Each night I’d run to the library and collect new panels. At a local bar, I’d glue them down while talking about the various hilarious strips we created that day. It was no wonder I found it so hard to connect with women and land a date.

Those days of Five Card Nancy are gone. I’m not sure where Dave is anymore and I’m sure my old boss has moved on to some other employee-abusing venture, but I miss those games. If you have read this far, I recommend giving a few rounds of Five Card Nancy a try. It’ll take a bit to set up and its esoteric charm is well worth the effort.

Learn to play Scott McCloud’s amazing Five Card Nancy

Should you actually do it or want to send me some email, do so at

Les Baxter – Sophisticated Savage (background music)
The Vibrants – The Detective
The Thurston Lava Tube – Fear the Bat Smuggler
Davie Allan & The Arrows – Bongo Party
The Vibrants – Let’s Go to Hawaii
Little Victor – Boogie All Night
Messer Chups – Mickey Rat
Rodney & the Blazers – Summertime Rock
Da Surftones – Surf Atomic a Mururoa
Speedball Jr. – U69
The Ventures – The Shuck
Alhoa Screwdriver – Lizard Liquor
Kabalas – Death Takes an Ibuprofin
Maibell and the Misfires – Misery & Heartache
Jimmy Virani – Sleepy Lagoon
Four Piece Suit – Do You Wanna Bossa Nova, Sophia?
The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Myseria
The Supersonicos – Franco Nero
SwamiJohn Reis and the Blind Shake – Sets of Fire
The Nevegans – Russian Roulette
Puta Madre Brothers – Dance! Dance! Dance!
Retroactive Gamma Rays – Flat Drunk Friends


This Island Surf 8 – Bruce Lee Superstar


The Bahareebas – Asian Quickstop
Man or Astro-Man? – Calling Hong Kong
Messer Chups – Bruce Lee vs Christopher Lee
Los Straightjackets – Fortune Cookie
Chinese Surf – Some track
Jason Lee and the RIP tides – Sucker Punch
Shrimp Chaperone – Drunk Monkey
Thee Headcoatees – My Boyfriend’s Learning Karate
Manny Jr. and the Cyclones – Duel At Sunrise
Lefunders – El Killer Assassino
Aaron and the Burrs – Release the Bats
Way Out West – Surf Connection
The Telestons – There’s Only One God, Poseidon
The Swamp Coolers – Escape from El Diablo
The Allah-las – No Voodoo
The Shivas – Ride On
Los Coronas – Hang Five
The Concrete Rivals – Denim Tiger
Boss Fink – Snakebite
The Verbtones – Tiki Curse
The Huaraches – Bad for the World
Shockwave – Penetration from Space

This Island Surf EP 7: Captain Ron’s Escape from Little China


October is here and a podcaster’s mind drifts to thoughts of horror movies.

Granted, I’m not really a horror aficionado – there are thousands, if not millions, out there far more invested in the realm of the macabre than I. However, I do have a select pocket of films I reserve for this time of year…and most involve the criminally underrated Kurt Russell.

Those who love Kurt Russell tend to be a touch fanatical. He is, after all, an A-list actor who has stared in some of the most brilliantly bizarre blockbusters: From the xenomorhic exterminator R.J. McReady to braggart quasi-hero Jack Burton to lethally apathetic Snake Plissken to historic bad-ass Wyatt Earp to the flamboyantly macho Captain Ron, Russell brings to each role a swift and diligent charisma that lets us believe, even for a moment, that we would be half as cool under a quarter of the pressure.

But his tough-guy roles are only one end of the pool. He’s played losers and menacing marauders. He’s been victim and victimized. But above all else he makes each role unmistakably his. Kurt Russell is The Man.

This month began as a tribute to my favorite horror film of all time, The Thing, and quickly blossomed into a discourse of only a fraction of Russell’s 91 acting credits. So enjoy and Rage Well.

The drink for this episode was going to be the Snake (Plissken) Bite. A drink consisting of half cider and half beer. Then I tried it and decided I wasn’t tough enough for that sorta venom. So, instead, you get The White Lantern (thanks JD for the name). It’s a great drink for those nights when the scratch at your window maybe a morphing monster of dubious intentions.

The White Lantern:
3/4 cup of a medium roast coffee. Black.
1/4 Kahlua Pumpkin Spice
1 shot Vodka
Milk to taste
Cover the whole thing in whipped cream and Mexican hot chocolate.

Drink to keep the creepers away.

The Krontjong Devils – Space Creature
The Cosmic Vampires – Panico en Urano
The Abstinence – Horror Tetrico
Los Straightjackets – Galaxy Drive
Los Twang! Marvels – Space Tiki Twist
The Space Cossacks – The Space Victory Theme
The Pornadoes – Cosmic Sign
The Starfires – Space Needle
Dick Dale – Scalped
Jack Nietzie – The Last Race
Agent Orange – Pipeline
Frankie and the Poolboys – Dead Man Surfin’
Santo & Johnny – Caravan
Mexican Weirdohs – El Bueno, El Malo, y El Weirdoh
Untamed Youth – Sophisticated International Playboy
Ursala 1000 – Beatbox Cha Cha
The Dynotones – Devil’s Martini
The Phantom Dragsters – Prince of Darkness
Phantom Surfers – 20,000 Leagues Under the Surf

This Island Surf Ep. 3


This Island Surf Episode 3
w/ DJ Morton and
Special BOOZE REPORT Host Kirsten Alewife

The Ghastly Ones – Action Squad
The Tiki Tones – Island Uprising
Surf Report – Knuckle Sandwich
Strangers – Caterpillar Crawl
The Bambi Molesters – Bikini Machine
Los Pataconas – Spider Man
Lynn Taitt and the Jets – Joker
Impala – Lady in a Cage
Mammoth Torta – Glass Axe
The Revelaires – Third Man Theme
Jan Davis – Surfbuster
King Pelican – Stingray
The Del Rays – The Tiki Folks are Comin’
The Creepy Creeps – Fink About It
Sonny Til and the Orioles – Hey! Little Woman
The Boogie Nazis – The Chair
The Surfites – Here She Comes Again
Les Jaguars – Guitare Jet
Surf Raiders – Let There Be Surf

Bibliodiscoteque Ep 49 Tiki P.I. Issue 3


Tiki P.I. is the story of a supernatural detective who must defend Hawaii from the darkest evils. Its a comic mixture of Hawaii 5-O and The Tick and its open for donations of all kind.

From the lowliest dollar to the vastest bank account, The Tiki Kickstarter thanks you in advance for your time and gift!

Here’s a handy link to the Kickstarter!

The Brick – Scrammers
Moto Guzzi – The Reigning Monarchs
Go Chango –  Les Baxter
Ian Fleming Theme -The Menn
Naked City Theme – Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra
St. James Infirmary – Impala
Time Bomb – Los Straitjackets
Galaxy of Terror – Fifty Foot Combo & Reverend Beat Man
Jezebelle – Huevos Rancheros
Veracruz 4 – El Gran Miercoles
Mickey Rat – Messer Chups
Percolator Stomp – The Apemen
Kaha Huna (The Godess of Surfing) – Los Twang!
Gypsy Surfer – The Phantom Surfers
Fuzzy n’ Wild – The Vice Barons
Spellcaster Lounge – Thee Tsunamis
Hang Ten – The Surf Trio
Pineapple Skies – The Insect Surfers
More Booze, Less Ice – Boss Martians
Island Uprising – The Tiki Tones
Give Me Soul  – Distortion Tamers
Surf Lady – Dirty Fuse
Time Bomb – Avengers VI
Hot Dog On a Stick – The Surfites & The Thunderchiefs
El Gato – The Chandelles
Halloween – Speedball JR

Here’s why you came…

Tiki PI this weekend

Co-creator and artist Bill Hewitt’s opening page

Hello Bibliodiscophiles!
Sorry I have been away so much recently, but I’m busy putting the finishing touches on the Tiki PI short story and special edition of X.X.X which you can get by picking up a copy of the book.

Who is Tiki PI and why should I care?

Tiki PI is Hawaii’s only supernatural detective. He’s a cross between Steve McGarrett and Dolemite.
Together with his partner, Hunter the Owl, they rid the islands of evildoers, ride the waves of justice, and bed the secretaries of the police dept.  Bizarre Men for Bizarre Times.

Well, any way here are some shots from the book and pin-ups. If you happen to be in New Jersey this weekend swing by the table and say ‘hi’.

Johnny Destructo does the cover to the short story.


tikiPI button2
Limited Edition Tiki PI Fan Club Buttons
Designed by Bill Hewitt


Asbury Park Comic Con – March 30, 2013


Hey kids, I’ll be at Asbury Comic Con with Bill Hewitt from

We will be releasing our creator owned book Tiki P.I.
It is the tale of Hawaii’s only supernatural P.I. and a mix between Hawaii 5-O and Dolemite.

At the con you’ll be able to buy the new 20 page comic, the prose short story, buttons, and very special Bibliodiscoteque episode.
And it won’t break your bank.
Plans to sell some from the site are in the works, so don’t fret – You’ll get yours. Eventually.


Something Nice…Schitzles Der Cat #1

An image from Schitzles Der Cat
Schitzles and gang rockin’ the garbage can of cool

Schitzles Der Cat #1 by Shawn Dickinson

There seems to be a trend amongst comic book writers and artists who want ‘Creator Owned’ characters and stories, but still rely on established companies to sell their stories. I don’t begrudge these creators (many of them make my favorite books), but I do feel it smacks of having one’s cake and eating it too. It’s like working at McDonald’s but wanting ownership of your signature dish. Looking out for the individual is not how the Big Guy stays in business:  If you are going to cook in their big kitchens, than you serve what’s on their menu. Don’t like it? Open your own bistro. Sure, you may not reach the volumes you want, but at least you choose the course.

That said, there has also been a lull over the past few years of truly great and interesting creator owned books. A majority of the indie work I come across tends to be melancholy slice of life stories or poorly drawn zombie tales. For all the recycled garbage floating around, it seems the Charles Burns, R. Crumbs, or Harvey Kurtzmen, have been buried in a landfill of vapid- faux-geek-pixie-dream-girls and ironic tales of undead romance. In a world where offending anyone is the greatest crime imaginable, consumers are being force fed the safety of recycled tropes. The danger here is that with each new round we get that much more bored with the sterile products. What is really needed is something dangerous. We need trash.

Trash in the way MAD Magazine and EC scared the shit out of parents. Trash in the way subcultures were feared before they became child safe mall kiosks. Trash like Schitzles  Der Cat.

The cover for the book you should order.

Schitzles Der Cat is perfect and reeks of outsider 1960’s comix (when the X meant a rating and wasn’t just to be different). Had I not the pleasure of sharing beers with artist/writer/creator Shawn Dickinson and grilling him about his actual age, I would swear this book was a reissue of an early Gilbert Shelton or Gary Panter book. Make no bones about it; this book will offend, but it will also make you laugh hysterically as you hide pages from curious snoops while simultaneously pointing out perfectly executed jokes and panels.

The Artist and the DJ
Shawn and I discuss high brow art at AS220 Providence

Dickinson’s art, with its bold lines and hyper-contorted eye popping, bone breaking, vomit spewing 50’s style, fills the page with so much eye candy, you’ll get diabetes. He doesn’t stop there, though. The jokes are timed perfectly and pulled off so well you wish you wrote them. The book is cut up into various quick punch-line gags that could work in chronological order, but also shine as individual strips. I don’t want to ruin any particular joke, but favorites include a cat- sitter, a mouse who decides to bring back ‘Hi-Fives’, and the severed head of a cop. Again, these are the comics your parents hid under their beds and the comic code tried to bring to a halt.

Schitzles Der Cat is a book for garage punks, gear heads, surf rats, and those who understand comics don’t have to be sterile.

Order it here from Shawn’s Etsy Shop

and visit Shawn’s BLOG for updates and other art