This Island Surf ep 12 Magnum Mustache and Bare Chests

The Novel Sound (high-res) small

Yeah…it has been five years!
Five years and almost 90 shows of punk, garage, soul, pop, and surf.
I’m gearing up for 5 more with a new logo designed by Shawn Dickinson.
The old Dewey is 5 years wiser, beaten and bloody, and sitting pretty on his throne!

Get ready for to spit blood at the cameras and smile smile smile.

To start it all off, here is THIS ISLAND SURF 12 – Magnum P.I.


The Cucarachas Enojadas – Postal Surf
Atomic Mosquito – Financial Panther
The Madeira – Journey to the Center of the Surf
The Other Timelines – Vampcamp
The Twang O Matics – Payback
Black Flamingos – Okinawa
Creepxotica – Haunted Hulu
Lovage – Book of the Month
King Khan – The Boy is Mine
The Shadows – Wonderful Land
TarantinosNYC – Son of a Preacher Man
Cartas a Felice – El Bar Muerto
Satan’s Pilgrims – Small Craft Advisory
Gold Dust Lounge – Riff Raff
Ding Dong Devils – Voodoo Man
Shockwave – Take on Me
The Ampfibians – Watusi 5 O
The Surfside Swamis – Monkey Knife Fight
Reverberati – Combat Surf
Jason Lee and the R.I.P Tides – Caped Crusader
The Dragtones – Deathroller

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This Island Surf 9: Songs for Tura Satana


It’s March here in the Northeast corner of America and there is four feet of snow outside my window. But cabin fever is for the weak!
It’s the perfect time to crank your stereos, brew some coffee, and warm yourself on great tunes and B-movies!

This month goes out to the wild and brilliant Tura Satana.

Also, check out this painting by Shawn Dickinson


its available here – Feel free to buy it for your favorite surf DJ!

Rage Well, Gang

This Island Surf 9 – Songs for Tura Satana
(incidental music) Les Baxter – Sophisticated Savage
Crushers – Faster Pussycat
The Dustaphonics – Tura Faster Pussycat
The Reverb Syndicate – Return of the Angry Gentlemen
Steve Reverb & the Sound Tones – Mr. Mysterioso’s Secret Siren
Man or Astro Man? – Reverb 1,000
The Valkyrians – Astro Zombie
Elvis Presley – Girls! Girls! Girls!
The Revelaires – Third Man Theme
Don Ralke – Head Hunter
The Alohas – The Headhunter
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass – Freckles
Billy Mure – Hawaiian War Chant
Johnny Aloha – Drink to Hawaii
The Vi Kings – Desert Boots
Danny Amis & Lost Acapulco – Terremoto
Me’s – Oui Oui Oui
Satan’s Pilgrims – Boss BSA
Clouseaux – Shrunken Heads
Mysterymen – The Age of Envy
The Surf Zombies – Tattoo Pin Up Girl
Mercury Four – Commie Rat Stomp

20th Century Men

Shawn Dickinson, star of this summer’s podcast series, emailed me about a Kinks biography that was, in his words (summarized for clarity), the Greatest Book Ever Written.

It got me thinking about what could possibly be my favorite song on what I consider to be the best album (not including the early days that everyone loves)

And here is a song I’ve always considered a ‘sister’ track

Episode 27.5 – Music to Read Schitzles By Side B

There really isn’t too much to say that hasn’t been said about Shawn Dickinson already this month and in this current podcast. Shawn is one hell of a good person. If you like this music, and you like trash culture, pick up his book, a print, or one of his shirts. This media blitz comes from nothing more than really respecting the guy whose work I’ve been promoting for a month straight.

That said, as this month closes out stick around for an amazing July. Ixnayray and I are launching a new show called AudioBiblioCool. It a genre-less show that promises to please anyone with a diverse musical palate. And if you don’t like it, well, I don’t really care, as it was fun as hell to make and works for any social occasion minus funerals and police bookings.

Rage Well,

Episode 27.5 – Music to Read Schitzles By…Side B

It’s Trash – Cavemen
The Rat’s Revenge – The Rats
Get Down (and Get Stupid!) –  The Del-Gators
Good Times – The Easybeats
Playa De Los Muertos –Bomboras
The Story Of My Life – Unrelated Segments
I Fought The Surf – The Vultures
Bad Part Of Town – Barefacts
It’s My Pride – The Thanes
Do What’s Right By You – The Routes
Get Ready for Action! – Mondo Topless
Ghastly Stomp – The Ghastly Ones
Chicken Voodoo Blues – The Creeping Ivies
El Humo Te Hace Mal – Los Peyotes
Grits And Grease – The Quintette Plus
Burnin’ Rubber – The Surfaris
The Devil Dance – The Devils
Three Kats in a Tub – Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos
No Correspondence – The Beckett Quintet
Mr. Moto – The Belairs
No Escape – The Seeds
The shape I’m in – The Masonics
Can’t Judge A Book – Thee Headcoats
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell – Iggy And The Stooges


Something Nice…Schitzles Der Cat #1

An image from Schitzles Der Cat
Schitzles and gang rockin’ the garbage can of cool

Schitzles Der Cat #1 by Shawn Dickinson

There seems to be a trend amongst comic book writers and artists who want ‘Creator Owned’ characters and stories, but still rely on established companies to sell their stories. I don’t begrudge these creators (many of them make my favorite books), but I do feel it smacks of having one’s cake and eating it too. It’s like working at McDonald’s but wanting ownership of your signature dish. Looking out for the individual is not how the Big Guy stays in business:  If you are going to cook in their big kitchens, than you serve what’s on their menu. Don’t like it? Open your own bistro. Sure, you may not reach the volumes you want, but at least you choose the course.

That said, there has also been a lull over the past few years of truly great and interesting creator owned books. A majority of the indie work I come across tends to be melancholy slice of life stories or poorly drawn zombie tales. For all the recycled garbage floating around, it seems the Charles Burns, R. Crumbs, or Harvey Kurtzmen, have been buried in a landfill of vapid- faux-geek-pixie-dream-girls and ironic tales of undead romance. In a world where offending anyone is the greatest crime imaginable, consumers are being force fed the safety of recycled tropes. The danger here is that with each new round we get that much more bored with the sterile products. What is really needed is something dangerous. We need trash.

Trash in the way MAD Magazine and EC scared the shit out of parents. Trash in the way subcultures were feared before they became child safe mall kiosks. Trash like Schitzles  Der Cat.

The cover for the book you should order.

Schitzles Der Cat is perfect and reeks of outsider 1960’s comix (when the X meant a rating and wasn’t just to be different). Had I not the pleasure of sharing beers with artist/writer/creator Shawn Dickinson and grilling him about his actual age, I would swear this book was a reissue of an early Gilbert Shelton or Gary Panter book. Make no bones about it; this book will offend, but it will also make you laugh hysterically as you hide pages from curious snoops while simultaneously pointing out perfectly executed jokes and panels.

The Artist and the DJ
Shawn and I discuss high brow art at AS220 Providence

Dickinson’s art, with its bold lines and hyper-contorted eye popping, bone breaking, vomit spewing 50’s style, fills the page with so much eye candy, you’ll get diabetes. He doesn’t stop there, though. The jokes are timed perfectly and pulled off so well you wish you wrote them. The book is cut up into various quick punch-line gags that could work in chronological order, but also shine as individual strips. I don’t want to ruin any particular joke, but favorites include a cat- sitter, a mouse who decides to bring back ‘Hi-Fives’, and the severed head of a cop. Again, these are the comics your parents hid under their beds and the comic code tried to bring to a halt.

Schitzles Der Cat is a book for garage punks, gear heads, surf rats, and those who understand comics don’t have to be sterile.

Order it here from Shawn’s Etsy Shop

and visit Shawn’s BLOG for updates and other art

Episode 27 – Shawn Dickinson’s Music to Read Schitzles Der Cat By…

Side-A Cover1

Shawn Dickinson is the brains and the brawn behind what is to be the most highly praised creator owned book this year: Schitzles Der Cat.

For those unfamiliar with Shawn’s work, it’s comprised of  “spooky, crazy, fun, cartoony comics, album art, posters, t-shirts, stickers, all things rock n’ roll, garage/punk, surf & hotrod art, car-toons, caricatures, gags, jokes, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…….” And that is just the start.

Shawn is also one helluva guy who has done amazing work for The Ghastly Ones, Way Past Cool Podcast, Garagepunk Pirate Radio, and, of course, Bibliodiscoteque.

So sit back, crack the spine on issue #1 of Schitzel, and enjoy the sounds of …

Episode 27 – Music to Read Schitzles Der Cat: Side A

Tranquilizer – The Lively Ones
Satisfy You – Thee Vicars
The Owl and the Pussycat – The Bards
Yeah – The Alarm Clocks
El Gato – The Chandelles
Spending Cash, Talking Trash – Thee Exciters
I Can’t Make a Friend – The Vagrants
Rebel Rouser – The Ventures
The Young Psychotics – Tav Falco’s Panther Burns
Knock You Flat – The Dimension
Daddy Walked in Darkness – Gil Bateman
Off the Hook – Dukes of Hamburg
Satan’s Theme – The Challengers
Haulin Hearse – The Ghastly Ones
The Stripper – Rockin’ Rebels
Ain’t That Just Like Me – King’s Ransom
Loco Mosquito – Iggy Pop
Mini-Skirt – 4 Score
Miniskirt Blues – The Flower Children
Tobacco Road – Johnny Kongo and the G-Men
Let There Be Drums – Thee Gravemen
Coffee Baby – Buddy Philips & Rockin’ Ramblers

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Call ’em what you want, we got 20 Limited Edition buttons designed by the stupendous Shawn Dickinson .

All you have to do is be one of the first 20 people to email me (  – Atten. Button!) your address (world wide is cool) and I’ll make sure you get one! I ask only two things in return (a small price to pay for a badass 1.2″ button and free shipping!).

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Thanks for listening and see you at Halloween for a very special horror-themed show! Steve Niles’ Criminal Macabre! Here’s a neat little article about his writing process.

Something Nice – Gretsch, Shawn Dickinson,

This past week on the Bob Edward’s Show was a cool look at the Gretsch 6120 and Ed Ball’s Book The History of the Legendary Gretsch 6120.

Rolling Stone interviews Grant Morrison who is too cool for complete sentences.Despite my uneven stance on Morrison, the interview raises enough interesting points that I just may try reading Supergods.

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick comes out this Fall. I could have sworn I already owned it.. and I do. But this is a revamped edition with loads of new articles.

1Q84 by Haruki Murakami is only two months away from its release date.

Artist Shawn Dickinson’s Creepy, Rockabilly, and 1930’s animation styled art.

Artist Shawn Dickinson