This Island Surf ep 13 A Fistful of Clint

The Novel Sound (high-res) small

This may be the worst title I’ve ever made. I’m so sorry, loyal fanatics.

Los Plantronics – Golden Dawn Surf Patrol
Alohatomic – Clint Eastwood Gets Wiped Out
The Revelaires – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Susan and the Surftones – Spaghetti Beach
The Coffin Daggers – Something Wicked This Way Comes
Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadaveras
Los Peyotes – Garaje O Muerto
Mexican Wierdohs – Suavecito
Royal Knightmares – The Hipster
The Honeybees – Hip Shakin’ Baby
The Wet Tones – Surfin’ the Casbah
The Wavers – Surfers Rule
The Reigning Monarchs – True and Mighty
The Concussions – Fur-Lined Speedo
The Surf Teens – Bullwinkle
Wild Al Hotchkiss & His Aquaphibians
Los Pontiaks – Sin Combustable
The Phantom Surfers – Sloth in Madness
Los Derrumbes – Sham
The Sir Finks – Kights of the Long Board

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The Novel Sound Returns to WMUH ep 1


For long-time fan(s) of the show, you’ll notice that there is no over-arching narrative contained in these here tracks. That’s right! No fake exploitation movie soundtrack. No book soundtrack. There isn’t even a tenuous (but heartfelt) tribute to film stars and fancy liquor drinks.

This here is just damn fine music!

Initially, I hosted a radio show on WMUH called Pop Rocks and Acid. I played a great deal of punk and greater deal of indie. It was a fine show that eventually expanded its musical base to become Holden Caulfield Must Die! It was a show concerned with nothing more than giving the listener a reason to move and introduce people to new bands or old favorites.

As a fan of Catcher in the Rye (Hello NSA!) I’m empathetic to Holden’s world view: I wear stupid hats, I love smoking (although I quit 6 long years ago), and I too sometimes feel like keeping all the kings in the back row is a dumb idea. However, amidst my melodramatic teen nihilism (some would argue it became adult nihilism) music is what’s always kept me sane. I express myself most clearly through the words of others; just ask anyone who ever got a mixtape from me or follower(s) of the podcast. Music not only says it better, but you can dance to it.

So, this here is my mixtape for you. Dig it!

The soundboard I cut my teeth on. photo credit unknown
The soundboard I cut my teeth on.
photo credit unknown

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Do the Get Down*
King Automatic – King Outamatic from Auto Space*
The King Khan & BBQ Show – Killing the Werewolf*
Juke Joint Pimps – Let’s Do the Hippie Dance*
C.W. Stoneking – The Zombie*
Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave – Deadest Girl in Town
Dan Sartain – Drama Queens
The Toot Toot Toots – Ol’ Ted’s Habits
The Chesterfield Kings – Death is the Only Real Thing
Thee Headcoats – I Don’t Like the Man that I am
Long Boards – Dragger Joe*
Barrence Whifield and the Savages – Sugar
Long John Hunter – Strange Feeling
The Traits – Nobody Loves the Hulk
The Beat from Palookaville – Seven Nation Army
Kitty Daisy & Lewis – I Should Have Known *
Reverend Beat Man & The Un-believers – They Ring the Bells for Me
Montesas – Midnight Beat
The Legendary Shack Shakers – Pinetree Boogie
Arsen Roulette – Shake It Around
Dusty Chance and the Allnighters – Bop It
Incidental music – Bento Veloso & Los Doce Trinches – Electrico*

*released in 2015

Episode 31 – Eric Powell’s The Goon


Here we are, folks! Episode 31: A Celebration of Halloween – which is October 31.

This isn’t really integral to the horror/humor book The Goon by Eric Powell, just a neat bit of synchronicity.

The Goon is a blend of dark violent humor, EC horror, and two-fisted justice with a twist of burlesque and the supernatural. Essentially, it is all things to all audiences provided you enjoy a good belly laugh and beautiful art. If you don’t, well, there ain’t no helping you. This month I chose a resounding amount of rockabilly and psychobilly to sum up the musical feel of The Goon and his world. I could have just recorded a ton of Tom Waits and Slayer, but then I would be sued into the stone-age.



I linked to the Kickstarter the other day and, after a few days of internet mumbling…really, though, when isn’t it mumbling,…Powell and Dark Horse put up a great tactile offer for you to slap slackjaws about the face with. I was holding out for the Louisville Slugger with rusty nails in it or the Official Zombie Smashing Monkey Wretch, but a funny book’ll do.

Also, don’t forget that November is the ALL REQUEST EPISODE…drop me a line at deadrize@ hotmail. com. Be part of internet history.

Enjoy the show, have a great Halloween, and look out for poisoned candy, vampires, and old houses that constantly have lightning storms around them.

Rage Well,

 Episode 31 – Eric Powell’s The Goon

I’ve Got a Knife – Masked Intruder
Here Could Kill You – The Meteors
Trouble Always Comes My Way – Daddy Long Legs
A Bloody Life  – Rev. Tom Frost
Deviant – Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgnagers
Drinkin’ Gasoline – The Baboons 
Got Me a Monster – Big Vinny & The Cattle Thieves    

Cannibal Family – The Wolfgangs
Satans Rejects  – Demented Are Go
A Devil’s Heart – JackRabbit Slim
Redneck Zombies – The Bad Detectives
Scratching On My Screen – Ric Cartey
Saturday Night of the Living Dead – Calabrese
Ugly Stick – Ronnie Self
Shoot Me Down – Rattlin’ Bone (feat. the Vampirettes)
Streetwise  – Guana Batz
Bucket O’ Blood – Hellbillys
Psycho – Nick Curran and the Lowlifes
Gonna Shoot You Down – The Woodies
Back Stabbin’ Baby – Shock Therapy
.44 Love Bites – Big John Bates

(Incidental Music) Diggin’ My Grave – The Monsters

Something Nice – The Creeping Ivies – Ghost Train EP

The Creeping Ivies – Ghost Train EP

 It has been Spring on theUS’s East Coast since last Autumn. This, for those fearful of the wintery blasts of Atlantic air, came as something of a relief. To me, though, it was unnatural and horrible.

 Of course one of the biggest problems with missing an entire season is that it is hard to build any motivation for warmer weather and any seasonal change; especially when that change involves sweating while standing still.

 The Creeping Ivies have solved that problem. What this Scottish duo unleashed is a reason to sweat. These three tracks give the middle finger to passive listening. In order to best enjoy this EP, prepare to become an active participant screaming the vocals, in contrast to Becca Bomb’s controlled vocal blasts, and jumping in time to Duncan Destruction’s devastating demolition of the drums. This album is the ultimate summer weight loss program.

 Lyrically the lines bounce around in a dehydrated fever dream as Becca’s voice slams arrays of notes with the keen precision of a surgeon’s knife. The lines have a rudimentary simplicity that adhere themselves to the brain and fit the spasm of guitar and drum. The delivery is far enough from most other garage bands to be refreshing but unpredictable enough to draw the listener’s attention for repeated listens. Don’t believe me? Go download Chicken Voodoo Blues and only listen to it once. I’m Serious. Open a new Tab and do it. I’ll wait.

 See what I mean?

 The summer sun has nothing on The Creeping Ivies.

Episode 26 – Hate


A Simple Gesture – J Church
Hate Your Friends – The Lemonheads
Tarpit – Dinosaur Jr.
Beergasm – The Karl Hendricks Rock Band
Slack Motherfucker – Superchunk
They Don’t Care – Fastbacks
Stumblin’ Man – Tad
If I Think – Mudhoney
Feels Blind – Bikini Kill
One Out of Four – Seaweed
Be Nicer To Me – Can You Imagine?
I Can’t Control Myself – The Troggs
Lil’ Red Riding Hood – John Felice
Can’t Stand It  – The Greenhornes
Muck ‘n’ Bullets – The Mobbs
New Resolution – Heartless Bastards
California Sun  – The Ramones
No Correspondence – The Beckett Quintet
Mine All Mine – The Beat Rats
Love Is All Around (The Troggs Cover) – Mooseheart Faith
Ain’t like you – The Primates

For more information on Peter Bagge
For information on Hate Comics from Fantagraphic Books

Photo courtesy of sacks08


Episode 11 – Julia Child

Bibliodiscoteque - B&W

This month’s podcast is dedicated to the lovely and beautiful Miss Hannah Tess.  Before I met her I ate like a man alone. I existed on a steady diet of pizza, coca-cola, coffee, and whatever was prepared at the local grocery. In fact, I ate so much pizza that the first night I ordered in with Hannah, my local pizza provider screamed to the cooks that I must have woman over.

In the three years since we have been together, I have shed 30 lb of bachelor weight, quit smoking, and learned to eat healthier. This month is a celebration of Hannah’s cooking, the great times we have while working our magic in the kitchen, dancing with knives in our hands, and her birthday.

This episode, centered around Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, is more than what it appears. It is a celebration of the fun and art of cooking. Each track can be hummed while doing some mis en place, heating up that skillet, and, if you cook with me, toweling the smoke away and removing the battery from the smoke detector.


Next Month – Part II of Harlan Ellison

Setlist Episode 11 – Julia Child

Red Hot – Billy Lee Riley
Switchen’ in the kitchen – Don Covay
Wasn’t That Good – Wynonie Harris
Soul Food – The American Four
Birthday Cake Boogie – Skeets McDonald & Benny Walker
Sugar Mama – Pee Wee Hughes
Ain’t Got Nobody To Grind My Coffee – Clara Smith
Cook Good Salad – Little Pink Anderson
Anyone Here Want To Buy Cabbage – Champion Jack Dupree
Too Much Pork For Just One Fork – Southern Culture on the Skids
Keep My Skillet – Those Darlins
I Wanna Eat Chocobars – Shonen Knife
Beans And Corn Bread – Louis Jordan
Shortnin’ Bread – Kay Cee Jones
Shortnin’ Bread – The Cramps
I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine – DiMaggio Bros.
Grinnin’ In Your Face – Son House
Crawfish – Elvis Presley
Pancake – The Panasonics
Garlic Bread – Gary & Larry
I Want Cake – Los Straitjackets
Jumbalaya – Professor Longhair
Nighttime Is The Right Time – The Allnight Workers