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Me and the Honorable Sir Richard Slouch: Never a two more handsome beasts roamed the earth
This here is an official WMUH setlist for official WMUH DJ’s…it hasn’t changed since the 90’s, but neither have we.








King Salami and the Cumberland 3 – Trubble Trubble
King Khan and His Shrines – Torture
The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House
Thee Oh Sees – Poor Queen
Becky Lee and Drunkfoot – I Want to Kill Myself
The Routes – Tell Me It Ain’t So
Isaac Rother and the Phantoms – Hitman
Bloodshot Bill – Can’t Dance Alone
Fia Sco and the Majestics – Boom Boom
Jay Reatard – In the Dark
Zak and his Unhappy Guitar – Jack O’Diamonds
Uncle Butcher and Margareth Doll Rod – The Best is Yet to Come
Dr. Bontempi’s Snake Oil Company – Uranium Rock
Abner Jay – My Middle Name is the Blues
Delany Davidson – I’m So Depressed
The Pistoleers – Bank Robber
Man or Astroman? – Destination Venus
The White Wires – Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
Tullycraft – Lost in Light Rotation
Late Bloomer – Use Your Words
Baby Ghosts – Ghost Boyfriend
Satelliters – Where Do We Go?

The Novel Sound Returns to WMUH ep 1


For long-time fan(s) of the show, you’ll notice that there is no over-arching narrative contained in these here tracks. That’s right! No fake exploitation movie soundtrack. No book soundtrack. There isn’t even a tenuous (but heartfelt) tribute to film stars and fancy liquor drinks.

This here is just damn fine music!

Initially, I hosted a radio show on WMUH called Pop Rocks and Acid. I played a great deal of punk and greater deal of indie. It was a fine show that eventually expanded its musical base to become Holden Caulfield Must Die! It was a show concerned with nothing more than giving the listener a reason to move and introduce people to new bands or old favorites.

As a fan of Catcher in the Rye (Hello NSA!) I’m empathetic to Holden’s world view: I wear stupid hats, I love smoking (although I quit 6 long years ago), and I too sometimes feel like keeping all the kings in the back row is a dumb idea. However, amidst my melodramatic teen nihilism (some would argue it became adult nihilism) music is what’s always kept me sane. I express myself most clearly through the words of others; just ask anyone who ever got a mixtape from me or follower(s) of the podcast. Music not only says it better, but you can dance to it.

So, this here is my mixtape for you. Dig it!

The soundboard I cut my teeth on. photo credit unknown
The soundboard I cut my teeth on.
photo credit unknown

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Do the Get Down*
King Automatic – King Outamatic from Auto Space*
The King Khan & BBQ Show – Killing the Werewolf*
Juke Joint Pimps – Let’s Do the Hippie Dance*
C.W. Stoneking – The Zombie*
Dead Elvis & His One Man Grave – Deadest Girl in Town
Dan Sartain – Drama Queens
The Toot Toot Toots – Ol’ Ted’s Habits
The Chesterfield Kings – Death is the Only Real Thing
Thee Headcoats – I Don’t Like the Man that I am
Long Boards – Dragger Joe*
Barrence Whifield and the Savages – Sugar
Long John Hunter – Strange Feeling
The Traits – Nobody Loves the Hulk
The Beat from Palookaville – Seven Nation Army
Kitty Daisy & Lewis – I Should Have Known *
Reverend Beat Man & The Un-believers – They Ring the Bells for Me
Montesas – Midnight Beat
The Legendary Shack Shakers – Pinetree Boogie
Arsen Roulette – Shake It Around
Dusty Chance and the Allnighters – Bop It
Incidental music – Bento Veloso & Los Doce Trinches – Electrico*

*released in 2015

Bibliodiscoteque ep 53 – Charles Burns’ Black Hole


Hey Gang,

This episode goes out to all the folks who were uncool and unnoticed in high school. Those years are tough as hell and for all of us who came out the other side …congrats!

Black Hole is about those who didn’t. Its about the ones whose alienation shaped them into something different and set them apart from the hip kids. Its about the companionship and bonds formed on the outside of the norm. Its about the outsiders.

Speaking of which, for roughly 4 school years, I worked on WMUH Allentown, Pa. hosting a show called Holden Caulfield Must Die (I was decidedly sick of his shit by college). It was a mix of punk, indie, ska, and assorted trash. One of my biggest heroes was a guy named Idle Rich – he hosted a show called Naughtius Maximus. Well, Idle Rich is DEAD and in his place has sprouted the amazing Richard Slouch and Gutbucket Esoterica. That’s right. Long live the trash!

After a 20 year hiatus, I’m returning to the airwaves to help out Richard Slouch and spin some wild tunes. Starting May 29 on WMUH from 2 – 5 pm EST (click the link for streaming), you can Stream or listen live. Later, I’ll be re-editing the show for a podcast in June, July, August, and Sept. But don’t fret, it will still be the same great flavor, just in a brand new bag!

Dusty Chance and the Allnighters – The Bug
Tiny Fuller – Catwalk
Harold Jackson – Go Cat Go
The Intelligence – Little Town Flirt
Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs – How Do You Catch A Girl
Cowbell – Love Got Me Down
Tyrone Chesnut – Bumping
The Rhythm Shakers – Senior Class
Ghouls Night Out – Love Disease
Rudy La Crioux & The All Stars – Little Ole You
Ty Segall Band – I Bought My Eyes
David Bowie – Moonage Daydream
Mothers of Invention – Freak Out
Annette – Jo Jo the Dig Faced Boy
Lord Luther and the Kingsmen – (I was a) Teenage Creature
Black Sabbath – Children of the Grave

The French Connection


Skeptics split CS with White Ass
(Frantic City / Inch Allah 2013)

Let’s start with the heavy sludged guitar of The Skeptics. Why not? Its the first thing that’ll come barreling through your speakers and bursting into your eardrums. It’s heavy, hooky, and infective. It’s built for long slow pans of bad men with bad ideas walking down streets and chewing metal. It’s tough music for tough people: The type who wear dark glasses inside darker clubs.

The Skeptics side is one solid mix of fuzz punk that was recorded in one afternoon which results in only attempting to restrain a live sound. Despite the rawness of the tracks, nothing blurs together and each songs screams with  individuality. “Mean Things’ maintains its more punk infused snotty-whined lyrics and the guitar solo is rudimentary and short. ‘Green Haze’ stomps around with a Detroit urgency knocking over your loved ones and kicking your pets. Each track rolls on with  a beautifully controlled aggression that doesn’t feel restrained or wussy. Hell, if you’re going to race muscle cars, this is your co-pilot. My favorite track, though, is “Black, Lonely & Blue” with its driving guitars, menacing drums, and growled vocals. It’s the culmination of all the Skeptics best parts.

For all the heaviness of The Skeptics, White Ass seem almost light as the aether. The driving force here is the reverbed guitars and vocals trade lead roles with precision and the grace of a killer. White Ass are made up of  ex or current Viscous Brothers, Teenage Moonlight Borderliners, Crash Normal, Pierre et Bastien, and TITS members, and all that talent has created some beautifully psychedelic garage slammers. You can hear it in “Stencil”‘s dancing bass, a guitarist willing to be in the scenery, and vocals which work to drive the song’s rhythm. “Rein a Faire” incorporates the pogo-centric feel of The Ramone’s “Blitzkrieg Bop” with a heavily  recoiling echo of snapping vocals over a slamming drums.

This is one of those recordings that you’ll buy on a whim and wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Skeptics and White Ass each share a side of this split cassette (which is also available for download via bandcamp). It’s two amazing recordings for the price of one. You’d be a fool to ignore it.

Trip wildly to Volage

Sold Out Cassette
White Vinyl – Get it while it’s hot


Maddie 10″

Apparently, the word Volage means ‘light and giddy’ and, by all accounts, the band by the same name, manages to capture that definition and feed it through echoed vocals and jumping fuzzed out guitars.

What shoots from the speakers is a collection of six addictive tracks all collected on one 10″ piece of vinyl called Maddie. The EP’s opener, “Not Enuff” jumps and jingles with harmonizes choruses and a guitar eager to keep the song spirited and alive. It’s a full, fun sound that carries right through into the third track, “Many Hopes”, which stretches the singer’s vocal range in that “Hey, I can sing along with these guys” goofiness that is often missing from contemporary bands. I can only imagine a darkened club packed with delightfully drunken kids singing along with glee.

“I’m a Fool” gets a bit moodier and drops a heavier vibe on us. The guitars drive and the lyrics become accusatory with a slow stomping guitar/vocal duet mid-track. It’s not the kind of track you’d like to meet mid-trip, but resolves with a flush of guitar and sound carrying the track into a final kind of rumpus. “Bob is Alive” is my favorite track and pushes us further away from the light trippy vibe of the first few tracks. the muddiness and bass become palpable and overwhelming leading us into the final song, “Heart Healing (Part 1)”.

“Heart Healing (Part 1)” is a ridiculous romp and reminds me of a Ringo Star song. It’s fun and wierdly out of place  rounding out the album in a gibby staccato piano led jamoboree of echo, light fuzz, and feels more the the start of something than the finale. So I flip the tunes back to the first side and start again.

Review: The Future Primitives – Into the Primitive


Three. That’s a magic number.

For the trio The Future Primitives, and their third release Into the Primitive, three isn’t just magic, but the deepest darkest voodoo power. The Future Primitives blast into the past with a concoction of fuzzed out frenetic guitars riffs, thumping bass notes, and skins slammed so hard you can hear the screaming tribal sounds of the old gods that made early rock ‘n’ roll naysayers tremble in fear for their virgin daughters and suburban grayness. Over it all, though, comes the howls and caterwaul of vocals that set the night alive with screeched promises of love, broken vows, and heart ache. This is the sound of emotion. This is the sound of energy. This is the sound that answers back when dark wishes are murmured.

Stand out tracks include “For She” with its surf infused notes and crazy beatnik leads. It’s the perfect track for that barista bar brawl or clubbing hipsters like baby seals. “Evil” which creeps up in small chunks of hatchet guitar and slowly builds to the velocity of a psychotic rage, slowing down long enough to decide what speed it wants to be played at and, never reaching a decision, end with the final axe swing. “Every Night” begins with a touch of romance but immediately turns the face you dread seeing outside when you close your window on a dark night. Let’s not overlook “In and Out” with it’s the candy-coated powdery-pink teen-dream moon/June romance rhythms.

If the past was bubblegum pop love songs sweet enough to rot your teeth, the Future Primitives are the dentist’s drill making us pay for our high-fructose indulgences.

Episode 27.5 – Music to Read Schitzles By Side B

There really isn’t too much to say that hasn’t been said about Shawn Dickinson already this month and in this current podcast. Shawn is one hell of a good person. If you like this music, and you like trash culture, pick up his book, a print, or one of his shirts. This media blitz comes from nothing more than really respecting the guy whose work I’ve been promoting for a month straight.

That said, as this month closes out stick around for an amazing July. Ixnayray and I are launching a new show called AudioBiblioCool. It a genre-less show that promises to please anyone with a diverse musical palate. And if you don’t like it, well, I don’t really care, as it was fun as hell to make and works for any social occasion minus funerals and police bookings.

Rage Well,

Episode 27.5 – Music to Read Schitzles By…Side B

It’s Trash – Cavemen
The Rat’s Revenge – The Rats
Get Down (and Get Stupid!) –  The Del-Gators
Good Times – The Easybeats
Playa De Los Muertos –Bomboras
The Story Of My Life – Unrelated Segments
I Fought The Surf – The Vultures
Bad Part Of Town – Barefacts
It’s My Pride – The Thanes
Do What’s Right By You – The Routes
Get Ready for Action! – Mondo Topless
Ghastly Stomp – The Ghastly Ones
Chicken Voodoo Blues – The Creeping Ivies
El Humo Te Hace Mal – Los Peyotes
Grits And Grease – The Quintette Plus
Burnin’ Rubber – The Surfaris
The Devil Dance – The Devils
Three Kats in a Tub – Mr. Gasser & The Weirdos
No Correspondence – The Beckett Quintet
Mr. Moto – The Belairs
No Escape – The Seeds
The shape I’m in – The Masonics
Can’t Judge A Book – Thee Headcoats
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell – Iggy And The Stooges