The Last NOVEL SOUND of Summer: WMUH ep 4


The Hold Steady – Constructive Summer – Stay Positive
Holly Golightly – As You Go Down – Slowtown Now!*
Jan Moore – Play It Cool – Teenage Rockabilly
Janis Martin – Teen Street – The Female Elvis
Omar & the Stringpoppers – My Baby Don’t Rock – Getting Wilder with…
Rose Maddox – Wild Wild Young Men – Whistle Bait
Barrence Whitfield & the Savages – I’m a Full Grown Man – Under the Savage Sky*
The Stents – Nobody Loves the Hulk – 7”*
The Severed Limb – If You Ain’t Livin’ – 7”*
Charlie Feathers – That Certain Female – Rolling Rock Hits
Danzig – 77 7 – Lucifuge
The Legendary Shack Shakers – Go Hog Wild – 7”*
Wild Evel and the Trashbones – Beat Rat -Tales from the Cave
The Delta Bombers – Who Are You? –
The Routes – Day and Night – Skeletons*
Sleater-Kinny – The Fox – The Woods
Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers – New England – 23 Great Recordings
Wreckless Eric – It’ll Soon be the Weekend – Greatest Stiffs
Ramones – Rock ‘n’ Roll High School – Soundtrack
Groovie Ghoulies – School is In – Go! Stories

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This Island Surf 10 – Nancy and the Secret Bushmiller Society


In the late 90’s, a friend of mine named Dave and I worked a great job purchasing rare book for a certified lunatic. The books were stored in an old barn in the middle of Pennsylvania – there was no heat in winter and no a/c in summer. We burned piles of boxes to stay warm and drank gallons of water to cool off. Not to mention the bugs, the mildew, and the remnants of hay-bales. We were over-worked, under paid, and I suffered one of humanity’s worst recorded cases of poison oak.

The second year on the job we rebelled. We started taking longer lunches and our coffee breaks morphed into full-blown trivia sessions. It was during one of these extended breaks that he introduced me to Five Card Nancy.

One winter day, Dave pulled-out a ziplock bag full of old Bushmiller panels clipped from various re-printings and newspapers: Each panel was meticulously glued to an index card and cut to the same uniformed size. It was my first experience with Nancy and the wildly mundane world of Bushmiller.

It may have been the hypothermia inducing cold, but my life was never the same. From a beat-up stereo, we’d blast Frank Zappa and Tom Waits cassettes while smoking wildly and laying down panels amidst stacks of highly flammable collections of card board and paper. Five Card Nancy helped me get through that winter and may have saved my life.

Each night I’d run to the library and collect new panels. At a local bar, I’d glue them down while talking about the various hilarious strips we created that day. It was no wonder I found it so hard to connect with women and land a date.

Those days of Five Card Nancy are gone. I’m not sure where Dave is anymore and I’m sure my old boss has moved on to some other employee-abusing venture, but I miss those games. If you have read this far, I recommend giving a few rounds of Five Card Nancy a try. It’ll take a bit to set up and its esoteric charm is well worth the effort.

Learn to play Scott McCloud’s amazing Five Card Nancy

Should you actually do it or want to send me some email, do so at

Les Baxter – Sophisticated Savage (background music)
The Vibrants – The Detective
The Thurston Lava Tube – Fear the Bat Smuggler
Davie Allan & The Arrows – Bongo Party
The Vibrants – Let’s Go to Hawaii
Little Victor – Boogie All Night
Messer Chups – Mickey Rat
Rodney & the Blazers – Summertime Rock
Da Surftones – Surf Atomic a Mururoa
Speedball Jr. – U69
The Ventures – The Shuck
Alhoa Screwdriver – Lizard Liquor
Kabalas – Death Takes an Ibuprofin
Maibell and the Misfires – Misery & Heartache
Jimmy Virani – Sleepy Lagoon
Four Piece Suit – Do You Wanna Bossa Nova, Sophia?
The Tikiyaki Orchestra – Myseria
The Supersonicos – Franco Nero
SwamiJohn Reis and the Blind Shake – Sets of Fire
The Nevegans – Russian Roulette
Puta Madre Brothers – Dance! Dance! Dance!
Retroactive Gamma Rays – Flat Drunk Friends


Punk for Nothing ep 4: No Commercial Viability


Toy Dolls – Dig That Groove Baby
The Bloody Hollies – Good Night, Sleep Tight
The Art Attack – I Am a Dalek
Urinals – I’m A Bug
Late Bloomer – Use Your Words
The Teen Idles – Teen Idles
All – Crazy?
Big Drill Car – Crust
Doughboys – I Wrote You A Letter
Married with Sea Monsters – Face It Tiger
Dag Nasty – I’ve Heard
7 Seconds – Regress No Way
Youth Brigade – Sink With Kalifornia
Wingnut Dishwasher Union – F*#! S*#! Up
Verbal Assault – Trial
4 Skins – Yesterday’s Heroes
The Mr. T Experience – Alternative is Here to Stay
Dropkick Murphys – The State of Massachusetts
Fifteen – Family values
Section 13 – Coffee Grinds
The Queers – Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
2.5 Children – Land of the Free

This Island Surf Ep. 3


This Island Surf Episode 3
w/ DJ Morton and
Special BOOZE REPORT Host Kirsten Alewife

The Ghastly Ones – Action Squad
The Tiki Tones – Island Uprising
Surf Report – Knuckle Sandwich
Strangers – Caterpillar Crawl
The Bambi Molesters – Bikini Machine
Los Pataconas – Spider Man
Lynn Taitt and the Jets – Joker
Impala – Lady in a Cage
Mammoth Torta – Glass Axe
The Revelaires – Third Man Theme
Jan Davis – Surfbuster
King Pelican – Stingray
The Del Rays – The Tiki Folks are Comin’
The Creepy Creeps – Fink About It
Sonny Til and the Orioles – Hey! Little Woman
The Boogie Nazis – The Chair
The Surfites – Here She Comes Again
Les Jaguars – Guitare Jet
Surf Raiders – Let There Be Surf

AudioBiblioCool Jukebox #8 Presents E w/ Special Guest DJ



The Explosion – God Bless The S.O.S
Egg Hunt – We All Fall Down
The Extra Glenns – Ultraviolet
Erma Franklin – Piece Of My Heart

The Eels – Souljacker, Pt.1
The Escalators – The Edge
Earl 16 – Malcolm X
Erma Franklin – Light My Fire

Eric Burdon & The Animals – When I Was Young
The Ethiopians – Everything Crash
Ella Fitzgerald – Sunshine Of Your Love
Elvis Presley – Blue Moon

Esquivel – Whatchamacallit
Edwin Starr – Agent Double-O-Soul
Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Goon Squad
Ernest Tubb – Drivin’ Nails Through My Coffin

Electric Six – Danger! High Voltage
The Eyes – My Degeneration
The Ebb Tides – Big Noise From Waimea
The Edwin Hawkins Singers – To My Father’s House

Edgar ‘Jones’ Jones – Stubborn Mule Blues
Elbow – The Fix [Feat. Richard Hawley]
Ennio Morricone – The Demise Of Barbara & The Return Of Joe

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Way Past Cool Podcast

You Got Good Taste Podcast 

Bibliodiscoteque XXX Ep #1


Bibliodiscoteque Presents: X’ploitation X’plosion X’perience #1

Come one, come all (above the age of 18) to the premiere episode of Bibliodiscoteque XXX, a new show featuring soundtracks for films that don’t exist.* The concept for this show began as a challenge to myself and good friend to create a fake movie with a soundtrack that reached beyond our typical setlists, but quickly evolved into this hour of purely fictional audible entertainment. Future shows are planned and guest directors will be sharing the bill.

Each podcast will showcase two such films, as well as onion-skin-thin plot synopsis and previews. I urge you to give it a close listen for the full experience. Turn down your lights, crank up your stereo, and visualize a dirty theatre in the middle of a city. Picture the tackiness of old soda gluing your shoes to the floor and the smell of warm buttery oil permeating the air. Just don’t imagine anyone talking, because the lights are dimming and the show is starting.

Rage well,



Reel One: The Earl and Gun Metal Grey
Jesus Christ Twist –The Reverend Beat-Man
A Friend in Goddamn – Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys
Wicked And Weird – Buck 65
Mean Son Of A Gun – Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Girly Girly Girly – The White Wires
Let’s Get The Hell Outta Here – Nashville Pussy
FREEWHEELIN’ – The Matadors
Hate So Real – J Church
Misery Loves Company – Mike Ness
Glory, Amen – .357 String Band 

Reel Two: Hell’s Kittens
Scared of Girls – Placebo
Riot Act – The Breakers
Downtown Revolvers – Bloody Hollies
Blackmail – The Runaways
Bikini Girls with Machine Guns – The Cramps
She’s my Bitch – The Supersuckers
She- Wolf – The Slit-Plasters
I Fought The Law – Thug Murder

*and by any right really shouldn’t. This however, does not give you the right to make them. All movie titles and concepts are, however, copywritten and for sale, should you be a slick Hollywood type or backyard Scorsese looking for a great title or terrible plot. I may not work for free, but I am cheap.

Just not as cheap as your girlfriend.

Episode 16 – Swamplandia!


Karen Russell’s Swamplandia! is a one title Recommended Reading List. It incorporates the strong female narrator of To Kill a Mockingbird’s Scout, with the subtly of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, the believable absurdity of Haruki Murakami, and the roadside attractiveness of Tom Robbins. I typically prefer reading grittier tales, but Russell’s voice is both cynical and disarming with wry smiles and dismissive jumps in narrative that perfectly capture the tone of adolescence.

Read the first chapter here thanks to NPR:

Episode 16 – Swamplandia!

Swamp – Ass Pocket of Whiskey
Swamp Gas – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
See You Later Alligator – Bill Haley
Alligator Assassinator – Fake Problems
Crazy Alligator – Guitar Fucker
Alligator – Hard Nips
Alligator Shoes – Juvies
Alligator Girl – The Raymen
Gator Stomp -Rocket to Memphis
Alligator Man  – The Meteors
Gator Circus – Slim Bawb & Gator Bait
Surfin’ Alligator – Rat Holic
When A ‘Gator Holler Folks Say It’s A Sign Of Rain (Take 1) – Margaret Johnson
Gator Hide – Vandals
Alligator Stomp – The Cramps
Alligator Wine – Omar and The Howlers
Low Down Alligator – Judy Henske

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Bibliodiscoteque Episode 16 – Swamplandia! – This is the first podcast in conjunction with GaragePunk Hideout! Check out their site for more great podcasts and bands

Something Nice – Payola and Pop

Here is an interesting article about how pop music is manufactured. Although this comes as no surprise and hardly qualifies as news, what is amazing is the price breakdown and average cost per track.

In any case, to return to our approximate tally: After $78,000 to make the song, and another $1 million to roll it out, Rihanna’s “Man Down” gets added to radio playlists across the country, gets a banner ad on iTunes … and may still not be a hit.”

Of course record execs also deny payola, but it seems that you don’t get the type of media saturation needed to push a track without spending 40 or so grand to grease some palms (especially with some of the crap songs out there).

The moral? When you think about how much the record industry cries about digital sales and poor CD purchases, think about how many units it must push in order to make any of that scratch back.

Want to support some great bands that don’t have scores of legions of execs shoving ‘good music’ down out throats? Want to support bands playing music because they love playing? Head over to Voodoo Rhythm Records, Garage Punk Hideout, Damaged Goods, and others in the links column.


Episode 4: Who Fears the Devil?


Manly Wade Wellman is to those who recognize the name, a master of supernatural folk tales. Reading his short stories and novels brings to mind when my friends and I would tell ghost stories and drink cokes while sitting around campfires or just burning junk we found in the woods. To those who don’t know his name you are missing a folk tale specialist whose operating table is the romantic and fantastic stories of the American South. His writing is truly American.

I came to Wellman’s work through Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comic, but the character of Silver John most likely matches up with Hellblazer’s John Constantine. Silver John is a wandering musician without home or money. In each of the numerous stories he appears in he uses chicanery, quick whit, and slight of hand to defeat black magic and the occult. Silver John’s appeal is that Wellman never reveals the full extent of John’s powers. The reader remains in as much awe as the people John frees from the antagonistic forces of evil. Silver John is a good man cutting into the darkness of the unknown and the fist half of this podcast is dedicated to a land of deep forest, steep mountains, dirt-roads, bonfires, and guitar contests. Historically inaccurate and overly romantic; but that is the luxury of fiction.

The second half focuses on The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The War of the Worlds. This novel, co-written, with his son, merges the dramatic styles of Doyle and Wells so fluently that it needed the attention. That and there are some really fantastic songs about Sherlock Holmes that just couldn’t wait.

Manly Wade Wellman eBooks for free:
The Golgatha Dancers
The Devil’s Asteroid

So relax, brew some coffee, and crack open a book.
Rage Well,

1. I strongly recommend, though I don’t mention it in the podcast, checking out these other great Podcasts:
Way Past Cool
You Got Good Taste
The Big Enchilada
Kicks from the Boot

2. Come back at the end of the month for Mary Shelley.

3. January 22, 2011 – In an effort to replace Valentine’s Day (which no one celebrates and everyone complains about), Bibliodiscoteque suggests Bibliophile Day! Take a book you love, wrap it in brown paper with twine, and mail it to friend (put a return address so the USPS doesn’t freak out). Choose one friend. This is about giving, so choose well and don’t be mad if you don’t get a book. If enough people do this the USPS benefits, book stores benefit, and your brain benefits …as does the writer.

Setlist: Episode 4 – Manly Wade Wellman

Goblins Are Go – Michael Futreal
I Put A Spell On You – Shane MacGowan & Friends
A Thing You Gotta Face – Polka Dot Slim
Broken Mouth Blues – Nic Armstrong
Day I Die – Bloodshot Bill
Aberdeen, Mississippi – John Schooley And His One Man Band
Root Hog Or Die – Micah Blue Smaldone
How’m I Doin’ – Mountain Man
Good Time Vandy’s Got The Blues – Midnight Evils
I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive – C.w. Stoneking
Back in Hell – Delaney Davidson
It’s all over but the cryin’ (from – Cooterfinger
Castin’ My Spell – Johnny Kidd and The Pirates
Caveman – Eddie Angel
Spann’s Boogie Woogie – Otis Spann
Dr Watson And Mr Holmes – The Spirits Of Rhythm
My Dear Watson – Thee Headcoat Sect
Dreadlock Holmes – Honey Fed Worms
Rock’n’Roll Detective – The Radioactives
People From Another World – The Jive Five
The Kid From Mars (Album version) – The Gazmen
Destination Venus – Man Or Astro-man?
In the Shadow of Wire Mountain – Michael Futreal
Let’s Go To Outerspace – Quadrajets