Episode 89 Tank Girl 2 The Furry Continues















Even as I post this set I shake my head at all the great bands that I missed putting on here. Maybe I’ll get around to a Tank Girl Part III one day, but for now, here’s the promised and rockin’ second set in celebration of Hewlett and Martin’s Tank Girl.’s – Bomb the Twist
Runaways – Dead End Justice
Joan Jett – Jezebel
The Launderettes – What Would Joan Jett Do?
White Lung – Kiss Me When I Bleed
Dollyrots – Because I’m Awesome
Fifth Column – All Women are Bitches
Slant 6 – Baby Doll
Trading – Future Ghost
LeTigre – TKO
Team Dresch – She’s Crushing My Mind
Creeping Ivies – Stay Wild
Speedy Ortiz – Fun
Upset – Tobacco
Kim Lenz – Shined Up and Ready
Ludella Black – This Heart is Condemned
PJ Harvey – The Words that Maketh Murder
The Moaners – Foxy Brown
Joanna Gruesome – Anti Parent Cowboy Killers

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Ep 88 The Furry of Tank Girl


In this episode, The Novel Sound tackles the tough questions like what must living in a tank eventually smell like, where can I get boots like that, and how many Foster’s Oil Cans can one legally consume before people make fun of you? That was the theory at least…instead, you get another free soundtrack for another fantastic book.

Rage Well,

Skinny Girl Diet – Silver Spoon
L7 – Fast and Frightening
Sharkmuffin – Fun Stuff
Screaming Females – Normal
Heartless Bastards – Swamp Song
Horrorpops – Bring It On!
The Slits – So Tough
Xray Spex – Oh! Bondage Up Yours!
Epoxies – Clones
The Julie Ruin – Oh Come On
Summer Cannibals – Full Of It
Baby Ghosts – Tumblr
Sleater Kinney – Youth Decay
The Coathangers – Nosebleed Weekend
Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

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Bibliodiscoteque Ep 45 – Grindhouse Doors Open at Midnight


Movie theaters are magic.

Sure, there is a certain fun in watching a movie on your HD flat screen television, coiled on your couch, with food you didn’t mortgage your home for.

But none of that can compete with  oil-buttered popcorn or the cozy darkness of the cineplex. Even the crappiest flick improves under the shared experience of group enjoyment or disappointment. For two-hours, in the soft glow of incandescent floor-lights, we travel to worlds  which our living rooms can’t compete. It’s the darkness that focuses our collective attention to whatever  projection dances onto the cave walls. Nothing exists in the dark, except the stories.

Some stories, like the Grindhouse tales of yore, were meant to titillate, tantalize, and take our money. They were shocking yarns of naughty prisons, diabolical freaks, and unparalleled deviance which seemed to rule the Drive-in’ and discount cinemas. But sadly, I was too young for such experiences and my knowledge comes from my parent’s tales of all day marathons down in Orange, NJ.

As a kid, my peers and I delved into deviant cinema on warbley VHS tapes and gathered in darkened basements feigning outrage and shock on ancient couches. The most horrible part being when a parent would walk through at the worst moments shaking their head and commenting on ‘ the trash’ we were watching. It was wild. It was fun. It was as close to Grinhouse cinema as I ever got.

This past year, Alex De Campi, and a bevvy of artists, are bringing Grindhouse cinema to sequential art. De Campi’s Grindhouse Doors Open at Midnight is like an EC comic cranked to 11. It’s low brow brought to new heights and it’s the subject of this month’s episode.


Part I is based on “Bee Vixens from Mars”
Part II is based on “Prison Ship Antares”

They can be found at your local comic shop and are not for the faint of heart.

Rage Well,

Honey, Honey – The Rave-ons
Bumble Bee – Big Mama Thorton
Bumble Bee – Heavy Trash
I’m a King Bee – Slim Harpo
Devil Behind that Bush – The Cramps
Crawlin’ (The Crawl) – Untouchables
Shake for Me – Howlin’ Wolf
I Got Something for You Girl – Hot Nuts
Little Girl – Hollywood Sinners
Sexual Feeling – Stinky Lou and the Goon Mat
Lookin’ Down at You, Lookin’ Up at Me – Andre Williams
Pink Pussycat (Kitten’s Theme) – The Del Rays
Pull Out – Boss Hog
She’s Wicked – The Fuzztones
Mark of the Squealer – The A-Bones
Myra HIndley – Coffin Nails
Dirty – The Ettes
Demolicion – Wau Y Los Arrrghs
Mil Punialadas – Las Aspiradoras
Interstellar – The Barbarellas
I’m a Sinner Not a Saint – Imperial Surfers
Baby, I’ll Trust You When I’m Dead – The Woggles

Best Comics of 2013

This is one of the more action packed moments…

Hawkeye Vol 2 (Marvel Comics) –
This is my book of the year.
It  takes place in a few month’s time and deals with the day-to-day business of superheroics. The focus is on Clint Barton during the periods when the Avengers are not requiring him to jump off high things and take punches from aliens and villains. The reader sits with Barton for uncomfortably long periods, sees him chat with his dog, and  ruin relationships with people who love him and (used to) respect him. In an industry of big battles, it is refreshing to see a book focused on human relationships.

No one tell Harlan Ellison they paid ‘homage’ to one of his novellas

Superior Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) –
So, in the perfect storm of complicated continuity and sequential silliness, Doc Ock has switched bodies with Peter Parker ala Freaky Friday. The twist, and it is one Chubby Checker would be proud of, is that the body of Octavius is dead. And so is Peter Parker’s brain. The result is a villain learning how to be a hero that not being a villainous homicidal evil-scientist is harder than it looks. The strength of this book comes from watching a hero really struggle with ethics.


Rachel Rising (Abstract Studios)-
This book is amazing. Rachel has risen from a shallow grave only to discover she is part of a long slow revenge plot involving a town’s slaughter of 300 women for witchcraft.
Terry Moore works to both build laughs and freak the reader out with intricate scenes of horror, comedy, and suspense. It’s the best bit of horror in the past decade.

Paul Pope’s style is the stuff of gods

Battling Boy (:01 Books)-
Paul Pope re-imagines the trials of Hercules in this young adult graphic-novel series. Battling Boy has come to a planet overrun by a league monsters to fight his way into adulthood. Armed with a series of mystical T-shirts which imbue him unique powers, Battling Boy finds that the road to becoming a hero involves thought, inner-strength, intelligence, and heart. Paul Pope once again proves himself a master of the art.

Don’t bite

Grindhouse Doors Open at Midnight (Dark Horse Comics) –
Alex De Campi brings to the world of comics the world of cinematic exploitation. Planned as an eight issue series, the books work in pairs (so that’s four Grindhouse tales all together). The first deals with sexy space bee-ladies and the current arc is about a woman’s prison ship in the grips of a religious zealot. It’s low-brow to the highest degree and the subject of the next Bibliodiscoteque episode.

Episode Ep 38 – Batman 1972


Last week, artist Francesco Francavilla (The Black Beetle, Green Hornet) released a series of images for a re-imagined Batman – one patrolling the streets of a 1972 Blaxspoitation Gotham.

Within hours, roughly three thousand people visited his tumblr and other site – Pulp Sunday – see what the fuss was all about. No one was disappointed. This is one of those revisions that is so picture perfect its simply cries out for a series.


Now DC, I swear, if you publish this book I will buy it. In every format possible. In fact, the teaser images were so amazing that I shelved this month’s original podcast – Colin MacInnes’ mod classic Absolute Beginners – and pumped this show out. I love this episode. I love that Fransesco Francavilla sparked such a visceral response from me. I hope you love it as well.

All art by Francesco Francavilla


Episode #38 – Batman 1972

You Can’t Even Walk In The Park – Johnny Pate (1973)
Mr. Big Stuff – Jean Knight (1971)
I’m The Man – Chris Jones (1970)
Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get – The Dramatics (1971)
Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield (1972)
Easin’ In – Edwin Starr (1973)
Don’t Knock the Cop – Soul Patrol (1971)
You Don’t Mess Around With Jim – Jim Croce (1972)
Torn and Frayed – The Rolling Stones (1972)
Vicious – Lou Reed (1972)
Search And Destroy – Iggy and the Stooges (1973)
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) – Marvin Gaye (1971)
Tired of Being Alone – Al Green (1971)
Down And Out In New York City – James Brown (1973)
Back Stabbers – The O’Jays (1972)
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright – Robert Moore (1972)
The End Theme (Three Tough Guys) – Isaac Hayes

Tank Girl – Mahfood/Martin

Everybody Loves Tank Girl
Jim Mahfood / Alan C. Martin
Titan Books


If the original Hewlett and Martin Tank Girl series were dope and beer fueled explorations of pop culture, low brow humor, and sexy women with guns, then the Mahfood and Martin series is an acid trip through Carnaby Street in the ‘60’s. There is, in every page, a frantic sense of ink splattered motion and frenetic lines which twist and turn with the motion of lurid dreams and trippy black and whites mating with muted zip-tone palettes.

When I first met Mahfood in ’99-’00, it through his heavily Hewlett influenced art style, the 40oz message boards, and SDCC. In fact, I helped publish three comic anthologies with others from the boards. Mahfood’s ability to mix pop culture was, even then, far superior to most. One of the best parts of each tale was the accompanying hip-hop, soul, and funk soundtrack meant to enhance the reading experience (also liberally sprinkled about here as well).  Reading Mahfood is to please and delight the senses.

In 1991, I discovered Tank Girl though the Dark Horse Comics reprints. My oldest and dearest friend and I horded every copy we could grab and distributed them like X at a rave – we just wanted to share the love.

So it was a collision more impressive in scope than that chocolate and peanut butter thing when Titan teamed up with IDW to release Everybody Loves Tank Girl.

Because everybody does.

Honesty, think of the people you know. Now think about which ones hate Tank Girl. Right? They are the ones you’d shove into a lava field with no remorse or sense of loss. Ah, but those who like Tank Girl, even remotely, are the ones you’d lend your shirt to. Just not your Limited Deadline Tank Girl T.

Since Martin relaunched the franchise, he has been surrounding himself with some fantastic and talented artists (Bond, Wood, Dayglo), and, despite their additions to the legacy of fine art and finer women, the writing has been wrestling with the same ideas: the concept of celebrity, the reception of the film, and artistic control. I’d love to see Martin develop TG into something more streamlined and move away from the past. What I really loved about Tank Girl was the promise that comics could be unrestrained, wild, and unpredictable.

This is, in no way to imply that the stories here are weak or hack. In fact, I think this is the strongest Tank’s been in years. I love the litany of allusions, the poetry, and especially the ‘The Cosmic Beam from Outer Space’ intro. I am ready to take the giant leap forward, I’m ready to let go, and I’m ready for the Golden Age of Far Out-ness.


Titan Books
Jim Mahfood
Alan C. Martin

Panels and Troughs – November Previews

(W/A/CA) Paul Pope
 ONE TRICK RIP-OFF/DEEP-CUTS is 288 pages of raw power, of which over 150 pages are comprised of new, rare, and never before seen stories created during POPE’s time traveling the world in the ’90s.

In this first volume of Brian Wood’s new, sprawling postapocalyptic epic, follow the crew of the Kapital from the flooded remnants of Hong Kong to Unalaska, with stops in Antarctica and Mogadishu, as post-Crash ethics and economics are explored across a broken world. Collecting issues #1–#6 of the series, plus three eight page stories fromDark Horse Presents.

Hellblazer #299
DC can suck on rotten eggs. This was the last bastion of tough that the swill drinking company had in them…and it all ends at #300. In part 2 of “Death and Cigarettes,” it’s the funeral to end all funerals! Epiphany finds herself alone, in basic black, mourning the loss of her husband, urban occultist John Constantine.

Goths Rejoice! The Death statue from DC’s Cover Girl Series is here.

Legend of Luther Strode 2 of 6  Image Comics

Rebellion/2000AD went ‘sexy’ on the cover of the American Edition, but the stories are still way more psychedelic and violent than most other books out there…

Yeah, like you could possibly resist that awesomeness that is Frank Frazzetta’s Comet…Go ahead and try…I’ll wait.

Hate life? Despise intelligence? Think that a 4th grade reading level is something to envy…at 23? This is the book for you! Shame on you Paul Jenkins…I hope they drove a cement mixer out of cash to your house or got a relative out of a gulag for you.

Harlan Ellison is the only authority I recognize…


I also need to stop picking my comics two months in advance while under a few drinks in…

Episode 31 – Eric Powell’s The Goon


Here we are, folks! Episode 31: A Celebration of Halloween – which is October 31.

This isn’t really integral to the horror/humor book The Goon by Eric Powell, just a neat bit of synchronicity.

The Goon is a blend of dark violent humor, EC horror, and two-fisted justice with a twist of burlesque and the supernatural. Essentially, it is all things to all audiences provided you enjoy a good belly laugh and beautiful art. If you don’t, well, there ain’t no helping you. This month I chose a resounding amount of rockabilly and psychobilly to sum up the musical feel of The Goon and his world. I could have just recorded a ton of Tom Waits and Slayer, but then I would be sued into the stone-age.



I linked to the Kickstarter the other day and, after a few days of internet mumbling…really, though, when isn’t it mumbling,…Powell and Dark Horse put up a great tactile offer for you to slap slackjaws about the face with. I was holding out for the Louisville Slugger with rusty nails in it or the Official Zombie Smashing Monkey Wretch, but a funny book’ll do.

Also, don’t forget that November is the ALL REQUEST EPISODE…drop me a line at deadrize@ hotmail. com. Be part of internet history.

Enjoy the show, have a great Halloween, and look out for poisoned candy, vampires, and old houses that constantly have lightning storms around them.

Rage Well,

 Episode 31 – Eric Powell’s The Goon

I’ve Got a Knife – Masked Intruder
Here Could Kill You – The Meteors
Trouble Always Comes My Way – Daddy Long Legs
A Bloody Life  – Rev. Tom Frost
Deviant – Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgnagers
Drinkin’ Gasoline – The Baboons 
Got Me a Monster – Big Vinny & The Cattle Thieves    

Cannibal Family – The Wolfgangs
Satans Rejects  – Demented Are Go
A Devil’s Heart – JackRabbit Slim
Redneck Zombies – The Bad Detectives
Scratching On My Screen – Ric Cartey
Saturday Night of the Living Dead – Calabrese
Ugly Stick – Ronnie Self
Shoot Me Down – Rattlin’ Bone (feat. the Vampirettes)
Streetwise  – Guana Batz
Bucket O’ Blood – Hellbillys
Psycho – Nick Curran and the Lowlifes
Gonna Shoot You Down – The Woodies
Back Stabbin’ Baby – Shock Therapy
.44 Love Bites – Big John Bates

(Incidental Music) Diggin’ My Grave – The Monsters