Review – The Stumblebums

The Stumblebums – Fuck You, Lady Gaga

Their web site boasts that the Stumblebums are “the brass band that no one wants parading down their street”, I beg to differ. If more brass bands sounded like this then kids across the country would be lining up for Louis Prima and Louis Armstrong reissues on Record Store Day rather than reinventing pop tunes from the 1980’s.

Musically, the Stumblebums are like no other punk band around. Consisting of drum, trumpet, and tuba. they write songs to invigorate, offend, and stomp to. Don’t be mistaken, though, these aren’t three guys ironically playing out of key and purposely butchering songs, they are amazingly talented artists with extrememly foul mouths. These are the kids who sat at the back of the bus on band trips looking at nudie magazines they purchased from a bum on the school trip to New York. And with their album cover being both a recreation of Albert King’s Born Under a Bad Sign cover and a swipe at Lady Gaga’s lack of originality, they are keenly aware of what they are doing.

They’re putting the middle finger back in punk.

…and the Onion A.V. Club has a starting point for potential Harlan Ellison readers.