Painted Air “Come on 69”

Painted Air
Come on 69
Green Cookie Records (2010)


I know nothing about this band except the singer has a Bowie-esq croon and the band is so hot they are responsible for dozens of forest fires. Painted Air’s Come on 69 rips up your speakers with the type of psych-fuzz energy that causes spontaneous riots of hedonistic dancing. Listening to this album on anything but 10 is simply a crime.

In it’s 30-odd minutes of musical revelry, Painted Air know when to pull back with slower melodic numbers like “Night Lies” and “Goodbye” but they never let up on the solid grooves. Hell, every part of this band lines up in perfect audible synecdoche.

Not many bands live up to their own hype but this is pure pleasure from start to finish and back again.