Ep 84 – Offend in Every Way


A few years ago I did a show based on Josh Latta’s comic Rashy Rabbit — but now, like a bleeding ulcer in the colon of humanity, Latta returns with a style of raunchy comics and life trolling that makes him unique on the web…its humorous, satirical, and pulls no punches while pummeling the face of modern PC culture.

Each comic has the sting of a dirty joke whispered into your ear from your boozehound uncle at a St. Patrick’s Day party. Sure, it seems offensive but they’re just tasteless enough to induce groans and gasps rather than pure gorge-rising bile explosions from less sensitive artists. Latta’s shocks are quick and guilt-free. Nothing is safe. But the horror passes and fades. And perhaps that’s why each cartoon is superimposed on a cocktail napkin. – there is a keen awareness that each comic is only a sweaty hi-ball glass away from being wrapped around a used cherry stem and tossed into the trash after last call.

Latta is bar room humor for the digital age. The only reason his work is so shocking is that our society has shifted so much. In his work are traces of early Mel Brooks, Spike Jonze, and Mel Blanc. We’ve become an all-ages show where no one can be offended because we are all offended.

So where is left for poor humorists to go but the past and Latta captures it magnificently.

The White Stripes – Offend in Every Way
The Thermals – No Culture Icons
King Missile – Sensitive Artist
Bongwater – Obscene and Pornographic Art
Alice Donut – Freaks in Love
Thee Headcoats – Art or Arse?
Mojo Nixon – Ain’t Got No Boss
The Sh** Creek Boys – Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain
The Dead Milkmen – Life is S**t
Pup – DVP
Moistboyz – Sh**heel
Butthole Surfers – Hey
Rufus and Ben Quillian – Its Dirty But Good
Butterbean and Susie – Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama
Bo Carter – Please Warm My Weiner
Mojo Nixon – Girlfriend in a Coma
The Sh**t Creek Boys with Ween – Waving my D**k in the Wind
The Singing Loins – Shut Your Mouth
The Smiths – That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

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